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How you can donate and help OUR Church

Our giving is very important to us as a body of believers. First and foremost, we understand that giving back is good for our hearts and key in helping us to have a sober understanding to the strong attachments we can have in this life. Our things are important to us and so is our money. God wants us to be careful in how we view this.

Second, we also understand that for the church to have an impact we need to give in many different ways. We need to give our time, our energy, our hearts and yes, even our money. We are so grateful for the sacrificial hearts of the CampusView Church members and others who give so generously to the Church and the different needs we try to meet.

If you are interested in giving to CampusView take a look at the different options we have below. Or if you would like more information about ways you can help, come visit us and don't hesitate to ask. Thank you!

ways you can donate:



Each Sunday we take up a collection for our church. This part of our service is an important time of worship in giving back to God.


Yes! It wasn't easy but we have embraced technology of the 21st Century and officially have the means to give back to God online. And it's simple! Click Here to give.



You can give one time or regularly by texting a giving amount to 84321.

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