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Adult Ministry

Consisting of Single, Widowed, Older and Younger Marrieds, and Parent. Our most age diversified ministry is about family. We are one ministry broken into Community Groups all around Gainesville in order that our members and friends all have a home base in which to grow and build both individual as well as a church body. If you are interested in learning more about us, click on the button below!

Singles Ministry (Pros)

The Professionals ministry (AKA “The Pros”) consists of men and women who love God and serve one another as well as the community around them. Being so diverse, this ministry can meet the needs of many people in various walks of life; there are young married couples, working single professionals, and masters and PhD Students in the Pros.

Campus Ministry

The CampusView Church Campus Ministry is Alpha Omega (AO) at the University of Florida and Santa Fe College. We strive to teach the truth about salvation as well as live out the scriptures on a daily basis. Alpha Omega is a place for students to create lasting memories, experience personal growth through a deep, personal relationship with God and other Christians while pursuing academic excellence. Our students participate in weekly small group Bible discussions, devotionals, tailgating, retreats and fun weekly events.

Teen Ministry

The Youth & Family Ministry is a young and up and coming ministry at CampusView Church. The teenage years are an extremely important time for soul searching  and figuring out what we believe. Our parents play an important role in that process along with God, the Bible, other relationships and a lot of fun!

Prime Timers Ministry

If you are retired, the spouse of a retiree, carry an AARP card, or just enjoy studying the Bible with older Christians, you will be welcome. Our community meets together each Tuesday for devotional and other activities. We commune together the first Tuesday of each month for our monthly potluck. For the potluck lunches, bring whatever you wish to share with others at lunch and stay for a Bible study.

Tuesday devotionals: 12:45pm

Potlucks, 1st Tuesday of the month: 12:45 pm

Kingdom Kids Ministry

Jesus tells us that "unless we become like one of these little ones, we will not see the Kingdom of God." Our Children are very important to God and they are important to us too. Every Sunday and Wednesday we provide Children's classes for our children that help them to learn and grow through God's word. Each volunteer Teacher is a member of CampusView Church and has gone through a thorough background test. 

My School

My School is a non-profit, full day childcare center sponsored by the Campus Church of Christ. The school operates year round from 7:15am - 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. We serve all children ages 18 months through 5 years old regardless of ethnic origin, religion, or gender. My School contracts with the Early Learning Coalition, and we are also a Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten provider for the state of Florida's VPK program.


Christian Family Services (CFS)

Christian Family Services is a licensed non-profit counseling center that serves women facing an unplanned pregnancy. We have worked with women in need since 1978 throughout Central and North Florida. 

Many of the women we serve don’t have any support and we are the only ones they are able to talk to about their circumstances and pregnancy.

CFS counselors come alongside these women and provide pregnancy help and support. Our counselors are committed to the women we serve no matter what decision they make.

Christian Family Services is dedicated to helping women find hope in what seems like a hopeless situation by sharing the unconditional love of God with the women we serve and their unborn child.

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