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Kingdom Kids

Children's Ministry

Full Classes beginning back on May 1st


First and foremost, We will be so excited to have you with us at our worship service! 

On Sunday Morning, our worship service begins at 10am and other than Infants through two year olds, we start the morning out with all our children in the auditorium with us for the first half of our service. We love having the little ones in with us to experience what it's like to sing and worship together as a family.

If you have an infant up through 2 years of age, you can check them in before our worship service begins.

On Wednesday Nights, our Wednesday Night Lights Service begins at 7pm. All children from Infants through 5th Grade can check into their classes before service begins starting at 6:45pm.


Checking in your Child: 

You will sign your child in and be given a card with a number on it. 

  • Child's Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Phone Number

  • Special Needs/Alergies

Checking out your Child: 

The one who singed in their child will also need to be the one who signs them out by returning your card and signing our checkout sheet. 

During Service: 

Please be sure to provide your cell number when you sign in your child. In the Event that we need to contact you during the service, a Kingdom Kids Volunteer will call you on your cell phone.

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