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This is a paid internship for those with the dream, heart, character and talent for a future in the full-time ministry. We are looking to hire four interns every year to train with us for 12 to 18 months.


THE DREAM: To equip young men and women during their stay and send them out into the ministry upon completion of their time here.


Men and Women who want to be trained and sent out into the full-time ministry.

Everyone is welcome to apply, whether married or single.

We would prefer recent college graduates but will accept and review applications from applicants still in college.

About MIT


We will be accepting applicants year round- when a position opens we will review applications and reach out to you.


The program is a one year part time internship but may be extended or shortened based on the intern’s progress.


  • We believe that the most effective way to train young ministers is to walk with them. In the spirit of Jesus’ method with his disciples, we are committed to a training regimen that at its core is all about spending maximum time with our interns which is why we are committed to daily contact and connection with them.

  • Formal training includes a curriculum of weekly intern meetings focused on the most vital aspects of ministry. Each month we focus on a different theme such as a minister’s prayer life, faith & vision, prioritizing and scheduling, studying with the lost, raising up leaders and more.

  • Monthly book assignments in coordination with the theme will be given to help the interns absorb the material.

  • Two eight-week classes a year we call ‘Cross-Training’ focus on topics such as leadership development, reaching the lost, building a culture and more. Additionally, interns will meet regularly with our congregational teacher for further bible training.


It is our hope that upon successful completion of the program interns would be placed, first, in a campus ministry within the Florida family of churches where there is a need.


If, for any reason, a graduate of the program is called by God to serve elsewhere, or there are no available positions in Florida, our ultimate goal is to serve the kingdom and send our graduates wherever the Spirit calls them.

Meet The Trainers


Jarrod & Stacey Robinson

Evangelist & Women's Ministry Leader

Jarrod was converted at the University of Georgia in May of 1994. Stacey was converted in the teen ministry in Atlanta in 1988. They were trained and led campus ministries at the University of Georgia, Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Clemson University. Jarrod attended Athens Institute of Ministry (AIM) and has served as Chair of both the Southeast & Florida Campus Ministry Committees and currently helps oversee the progress of Campus Ministry in the Florida Region.


Randy Summers

Elder / Teacher

Randy has served as our congregational teacher for over ten years and was appointed an elder in April of 2023. 

Not quite ready?
Contact us using the links above to ask some questions or to schedule a time to talk. 

Support MIT

Interested in supporting MIT?

  • In order to give our interns a true ministry experience it is our hope that they will not need to work a part time job during their stay with us. We want to give our interns enough financial support to allow them to thrive in their time here and focus fully on their training.

  • In order to provide this experience, there is a continual need for funding. CampusView Church is committed to financially supporting MIT to the best of our ability- but this support is not enough to give us the funding we need to support four interns at a time.

  • We are always grateful for help from friends, family, Gainesville alumni, and anyone interested in supporting this meaningful cause. Monthly gifts are the most helpful way to contribute if you are willing and able.

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